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The Unscrupulous Nature

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The Tyranny of the

Chinese Communist Party

How the Communist Party

Opposes the Universe

The Collusion of

Jiang Zemin with the CCP

to Persecute Falun Gong

One of the fundamental distinctions we make is between life-affirming and death-embracing generative principles in a dialectic between good and evil. The following series Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party sponsored by the New York-based Epoch Times, funded by the Falun Gong, documents the rise of the same CCP that has gifted the world with the Wuhan Virus. That pandemic gift has lifted the veil off a truly evil party that has been fed by a ruling class that has lost the very concept of evil.

The accepted wisdom is that mainland China under the CCP will soon dominate the world's economy. But what if the party collapses within the next few years? After all, their security arrangements alone consume massive resources (the attempt to create a blue-water navy, all around border security where no natural borders exist and all their neighbors detest their very existence, internal security with a high-tech surveillance system and a local cadre to enforce compliance, concentration camps for the Uyghurs, the list goes on and on). Add to this that economic growth is slowing down, Hong Kong is being absorbed, and most of the country is dirt poor, and internal cohesion is at risk. If the country fails, what do we do with the flood of refuges?

RCB, June 2, 2020