Educational Projects: Foundations: Donald Trump I

This is the third testing of a research methodology for working out the foundational stance based on a detailed video chosen for the way in which the person presents who he really is, i.e., his core value. Note how evaluating the previous attempt has lead to an improvement of our technique.

June 12, 2019

First viewing of President Trump's address to CPAC

The attached notes covers:

  1. the initial reactions of the views, plus a few points by the team leader to keep in mind
  2. the place his speech has within the conference (prior and post conference activities)
  3. hints as to the underlying context, especially the enlargement of the Peterson's Non-Present Presence NPP

The interesting twist in this our third attempt to objectify a person's foundational stance is that we will be comparing two different presentations in order to see if there is any significant change from one context to another.

State of the Union Address

February 5, 2019

Two Alternatives

Conservative Political Action Conference

(CPAC) 2019

Or Both?

June 19, 2019

First viewing of President Trump's 2019 SOTU Address

Attached notes cover:

  1. The general context of SOTU Addresses
  2. The specific political context surrounding the 2019 Address
  3. Initial comments from the Cosmopolis Research Director

An Emergent Cosmopolis