An Emergent Cosmopolis

This workshop is an extension of the prior one on Insight: Elements. Here we enter into the realm of the empirical sciences, i.e., Lonergan's analysis of the heuristic structures of empirical method (chapters 2, 3 & 4). In this workshop we enter into the world of the hard sciences, noting the kinds of questions being asked, the insights sought, and the canons that apply across any such empirical investigation.

But as a cosmopolis training exercise our attention is focused on Lonergan's world view of emergent probability as the best description of world processes within which all human activity takes place. So if we wish to understand planning and policy making, taking as our starting point the Orientation/Diagnosis & Evaluation/Estimating Scope & Constraints approach of Otto Friedman, we need to appropriate such a world view as they apply to any and all of these stages for remedial action in time-and-space-specific socio-political situations where rationality is only one of the primary concerns among stakeholders and participants.

Russell Charles Baker

November 16, 2018

Educational Projects: Insight--Emergent Probability

Entering Lonergan's world view of Emergent Probability