An Emergent Cosmopolis

Jordan Peterson being interviewed before the Cambridge Union, published November 4, 2018.

In this opening session we consider the context of this YouTube communications event. This is similar to working within the functional specialty of Research so necessary when it comes to the next specialty of Interpretation. All this is to prepare the ground for our personal encounter with Jordan Peterson at the Foundations level of conversion and differentiation of mind. Details are given in the attached pdf.

Cambridge University, England, November 2018: stepping into a modern Roman Coliseum?

This is our second foundational exercise following that conducted on Dennis Prager. The purpose is to to arrive at a sound understanding of who such people are, but the inbuilt foundational stance we all have that sets the standards for all the creation of worlds mediated by meaning, orientations, diagnosis and evaluations, and estimates for scope and constraints on rational action during times of fundamental institutional change.

Educational Projects: Foundations: Jordan Peterson I