Entering Lonergan's Novum Organon

TIdeas have consequences

Embracing a Full-on Crisis in Authority

Insight (2) is the second group to take the Insight: Elements directed workshop. We use the same map for the Elements section, but extended it to cover all of Part 1 of Insight (Insight as Activity) and the first chapter of Part 2 (Self-Appropriation of the Knower). The attached pdf file sets down the entire road-map.

This approach to Insight: A Study of Human Understanding combines a complete read with specific anchor points that not only helps to make the text meaningful but also trains potential cosmopolis team members to meet the tasks they face. These anchor points are: insights (elements), world view of emergent probability (empirical sciences), the notion of a cosmopolis (common sense), judgments (reflective intelligence), and the final objective: self-appropriation of all that has come before. Details are laid out in the attached pdf file.

Educational Projects: Insight (2)--Elements: Map