Entering Lonergan's Novum Organon

TIdeas have consequences

Embracing a Full-on Crisis in Authority

The significance of the empirical residue

The final two paragraphs of the empirical residue section affirm the presence of this residue in all of the four prior sections. All of chapter on is an example of the lack of intelligibility in each example, which can be replaced by another without any change to the argument, and the focus on the generalizations that become possible once the notion of the empirical residue is brought into play. Most extraordinary!



Educational Projects: Insight (1) Chapter 1: Section 5 - Residue

Our first session on the empirical residue deals with a connecting link between that and the prior section on inverse insights: invariance. Two examples are considered: the Doppler effect (passing train) and Relativity (falling man in an elevator). The notion of different degrees of horizons is presented.