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Part 2/3: Differentiated Mind

Mathematical: no indication of any mathematical sense, especially changes in scale

Empirical: doesn't reference universal laws or probabilities

Common sense: success across a multitude of platforms, hence a very intelligent man of common sense

Transcendent: totally caught up in a love of the divine, especially ethical monotheism and wisdom

Art: highly developed artistic sense actualized in music and in a deep appreciation of quality

Scholarship: has a deep sense of scholarship without being associated with any university

Part 1/3: Conversion

Religious Conversion: Prager is a deeply religious person profoundly aware of God's influence in the world of human affairs.

Moral Conversion: Prager's work in the educational field runs directly counter to the prevailing secular "wisdom." That and his call for an heroic stand against those determined to destroy Western civilization indicates a person whose recognition of evil has led him into a sustained fight against ignorance and moral relativism.

Intellectual Conversion: Although Prager has no formal knowledge either of the realm of interiority or of Lonergan's critical realism epistemology, he applies a purely rational approach not only to the study of Judaism's Tanach but to the task of bringing wisdom into the world. This, he can affirm the reality of God without having to "perceive" Gad as a thing-out-there-to-be-seen. Ditto the reality of values.

Russell Charles Baker

November 20, 2018

Part 3/3: Patterns of Common Sense Experience

In this section we delve into the dynamics of foundational stances by drawing upon Lonergan's four patterns of common sense experience: biological, aesthetic, intellectual, and dramatic to pull the more formal and abstracts together as a very human and humanizing endeavor.

This concludes our initial probe of Prager's foundational stance. There are two provisos: 1. We are restricting our collection of evidence for our judgments solely on one video, and 2. What constitutes "truth" is a function of our own foundational stance being used as the fundamental criteria for collecting and weighing the evidence.

This section deals with our final objectification of Dennis Prager's foundational stance as revealed in the one video of his that we have studied in depth.

Educational Projects: Foundations: DennisPrager III

Is our methodology sound?

Not a scientific but a transcendental methodology is at play. The rules are very different. Being aware of such differences is of vital importance in carrying out this kind of work.