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In this section, we attempt to map the material generated during out detailed analysis of the transcript onto a conceptual structure derived from a combination of Otto Friedman's transdisciplinary approach to institutional troubleshoot, which may be found in the handbook, and Lonergan's functional specialties.

Note that the material on Rodney Stark is an aside, meant to clarify the relationship between the three self-proclaimed religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in contrast to the more man-made and man-imaged non-revealed religions. The thing is, as human beings we are incapable of knowing God; the best we can do when reaching up to the transcendental realm of meaning in our lives is an extension of human issues and concerns writ large.

Note also the existential divide between those who believe in a monotheistic god and those who do not. Excluding Islam for reasons that have to do with its incompatible world mediated by meaning that excludes both Jews and Christians, both Judaism and Christianity are life affirming where charity, courage, and the search for truth is every present. The alternative generative principle in this dialectic between good and evil is death-affirming and satanic, whether one believes or not in a literal satan, or a metaphorical one, or simply a tag for a particular set of destructive and soul-destroying operations.

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