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If you are engaged in a power project to bend the world to your will, you really don't know what you are doing. (There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Shakespeare)

-- Christopher Chantrill

Educational Projects: Foundations

This educational section deals with foundations by attempting to tease out the foundational positions of a number of web celebrities starting with Dennis Prager of Prager University fame. In doing this we follow Lonergan's approach in the functional specialty of Foundations, where the prime factors are intellectual, moral, and religious conversion that radically change a person's being in the world; and a differentiated mind conversant with different realms of meaning with their associated questions, methods, and results.This can be rather dry, although the reality they refer to is far from that, so we add Lonergan's patterns of common sense experience (Insight), namely biological, aesthetic, intellectual, and dramatic.

The objective is to familiarize participants with the prior self that generates worlds mediated by meaning, first by working out the foundational stance of another person (an encounter at the reflective level of the human good). This attempt forces the individual to pay attention to the implications of their own foundational stance, since to understand the foundations of another requires an authentic individual well versed in conversion, differentiation, and patterns of common sense experience. This is mutual self-mediation in action.


November 9, 2018