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JesusLand: The 3013-15 Existential Crisis

A NewChristian Cosmopolis Institute Reproduction

© Russell C. Baker, 2019

An allegorical novella set in an imaginary world named JesusLand so named by members of a NewChristian movement who had left a dying civilization to set up their own community on foreign shores. The story takes place several centuries after the founding, at a time when all three major groups--mountain clans, warrior tribes, and NewChristians--had worked out a common mode of cooperation for mutual support. Over time these NewChristians had lost their original emphasis on the transcendental, in the end becoming a traditional unchanging society whose members defined themselves solely by their respective positions within the community.

All this changed with the discovery of an ancient empty tomb containing three mysterious artifacts from the distant past. As news of this discovery spread, traditional authority became not only irrelevant but obsolete. This loss of meaning led to a crisis that swept across JesusLand, an existential distress that affected all it touched.

Was there an alternative way of restoring meaning across the land? Doc and his MED+ team come to  believe there was. This is their story of their own healing pilgrimage toward the transcendental.