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There is no easy fix

Entering Lonergan's Novum Organon

Facing the Reality of a Lack of Moral Courage

Joyous Insurgency & the Long Game?

A Strategy for People Celebrating Life

How Bad are the Universities Becoming

Jordan Peterson & Jonathan Haidt, 8:26

Thomas Sowell,
Dismantling the Ideology of “Social Justice”
Philosophyinsights, September 5, 2017, 15:44

1. The tripod of Friedman's transdisciplinary approach to practical intervention, Lonergan's transcendintal method, and the Christ Event.

2. Dumbing Down: the lowest common denominator of an aggregate of institutional cultures.

3. Liberation: a culture creating itself upon firm ground, solid foundations.

1. The importance of having the right diagnostic tools.

2. Common sense bias leads to a dumbing down of the public sphere as the lowest common denominator among an aggregate of mismatched institutional cultures.

Educational Projects: Dialectic Exercises: Markers? II

David P. Goldman,
The Truth About China’s Global Plan
Philosophyinsights, March 8, 2018, 12:39

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager Sketches the Future of Western Civilization (Intercollegiate Studies Institute, YouTube, 48:00)

The Most Important Lesson from 83,000 Brain Scans

Daniel Amen, 14:36

This is the last of the "marker" videos. Soon we will start sorting through this list of possible markers to find those that are actual markers of socio-political progress and decline. Over the last few sessions we have already started to identify  these high level operators.

Prager raises a number of issues that we'll explore over the coming weeks as an extension of this work on creating an evaluative history appropriate for work in the functional specialty of dialectic. Like "Rationality Rules" video, this will be posted as a separate project.