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Antonio Gramsci, a Marxist Strategist

One of the key educational tasks . . .

of a Cosmopolis Institute is to set up a training program for potential students. Learning to analyze and evaluate a dominate cultural meme from a cosmopolis perspective requires establishing a strategy involving critical tools and operations. Here we use a short list of Grasmcian memes as a case study for laying out such a course.

Projects: Gramscian Damage

In the struggle for power, dominating the cultural world reigns supreme. Gramsci postulated that this could be done by taking control of key positions within the arts and education, where for example they could put their own people in as school principals, university professors, government policy makers, or journalists. This initiated a drive for cultural hegemony such that all moral issues became political and action supplanted believing.

What follows is an attempt to use Lonergan's approach to analyse and evaluation a series of key propositions often identified as postmodernism. The point is that these positions both justify and rationalize a drive for power and in doing so they distort social and political discourse, opening certain avenues such as fascism while closing others such as a deep Christian cosmopolis.