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Summary: Phase 1, Day 1

Phase 1 deals with a brief introduction to a set of tools needed to evaluate conflicts of meaning in a case study (phase 2), before moving on to self/group directed inquiries (phase 3). This process is analogous to being on a stage surrounded by all the musical instruments of an orchestra where a guide points out each instrument, its particular features, and its place with the orchestra without providing any guidance on how each instrument is to be played. Learning to play an instrument--or set of instruments--while producing music as a group belongs to phases 2 & 3.


1. This is a research project to test the feasibility of this educational approach to guide participants into appropriating Lonergan's transcendental method and functional specialties.

2. The project proceeds in three phases: an introduction to the core tools, a case study to learn how the tools are to be employed, and a group directed inquiry during which participants put these new skills to use.

3. We start by not only focusing our efforts on understanding fundamental institutional changes currently in play but by coming to understanding Lonergan's notion of a "Cosmopolis" as a theoretical solution to the problem of long-term decline due to common sense bias.

4. This is followed by a few useful tips: the human good is always concrete, the difference between detective and reflective intelligence, the reality of a differentiated mind, and Lonergan's analysis of mutual self-mediation.

5. Finally there is a need to develop a few skills: learning to suspend judgment, actually listening without criticism or thinking about an immediate response, learning to appreciate long moments of reflective silence.

Educational Projects: Introductory Course: Phase 1, Day 1