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Facing the Reality of a Lack of Moral Courage

Joyous Insurgency & the Long Game?

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Phase 1: Day 4 Summary

Communal Processes

Participating in a Project Greater Than Ourselves

1. Taking Responsibility. Meaning does not rest among the artifacts of any society; meaning rests in the individual, and because of this we are part of any collective "sin."

2. Two Streams: Listening and Talking. Listening involves recovering prior and current worlds mediated by meaning through research, interpretation, history, and dialectic; talking sets the foundations for facing reality, a mediated phase built around foundations, doctrines, systematics, and communications.

3. Fundamental Institutional Change. We can focus on immediate problems, but it can all go down the drain as higher level fundamental institutional changes work themselves down to lower levels.

4. What Does Lonergan Offer in Method and Insight. Method is our fundamental reference text, both for the introduction to transcendental method in chapter 1 and the detailed outlines of each functional speciality in part 2. Insight is a support text providing details on the nature of insights, the development of language through definitions, a knowledge of different realms of meaning, the importance of judgment, the self-appropriation of the subject (intellectual conversion), and the implications of this for metaphysics, ethics, and the possibility of transcendental knowledge.

​Next week: Unpacking the notion of development as “a flexible, linked sequence of dynamic and increasingly differentiated higher integrations that meet the tension of successively transformed underlying manifolds through successive applications of the principles of correspondence and emergence” (Insight, p. 454).

Educational Projects: Introductory Course: Phase 1, Day 4