Educational Projects: Introductory Course: Phase 1, Day 5

Phase 1: Day 5 Summary

The Notion of Development

. . . is not as simple as you might think

1. Lower and Higher Cultures: myths & magic + cyclical time vs. realm of theory + linear time.

2. Details (in increasing order of complexity)

  1. Progress and Decline (Method, Chapter 2, Section 7)
  2. Emergent Probability (Insight, Chapter 4, Sections 2.4 & 2.5)
  3. The Notion of Development (Insight, Chapter 15, Section 6)
  4. Genetic Method (Insight, Chapter 15, Section7)

3. A Case Study (understanding through application): an exploratory inquiry into the invariant structure of the human life-cycle.

‚ÄčNote: Part one deals with points 1 & 2; part two with the case study.

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