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Educational Projects: Introductory Course: Phase 2, Day 6

NB. Each video is based on a single take; there is no editing involved. RCB

Phase II, Day 6, Outline
The Many Eyes of Sauron
The Intentionality Behind the News

  1. News as Historical Reflections
    1. Approaching the News as an historian
    2. Functional specialty of History
    3. Historical “facts” (verification, critical realism)
    4. Historical opinion (interpretation, what does it “mean”)
    5. General theory of history (world process, progress and decline)
    6. The authenticity of the “historian” (biased, blind, converted)
    7. Leading to “dialectics” (fundamental conflicts requiring a stance or position)
  2. The Institutional Framework
    1. Encapsulating values while providing a steady stream of particular goods
    2. Problem of compatibility (common sense bias, multiple world views)
    3. No one these days can know it all
    4. No one culture can be truly normative for all
  3. News Agencies
    1. Takes a considerable amount of time, money, and personal—so the question is, what is their return on investment? What do they gain?)
    2. The existence of a continual tension between running a business and feeding an ideology (motivations, free press, warriors against oppression)
    3. Short term memory, susceptible to fads and fantasies
    4. Mediators: energy (the “narrative” deciders), control (the “audience”)The quest for meaningful news (Lonergan’s chapter 3 of Method)
    5. Going mainstream: setting up a communal dialectic (pivot point) for society at large