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Doctrines as a Function of Foundations

The theme of this session is that doctrines, i.e., fundamental statements concerning reality, are a derivative of a person's or culture's foundations.For example, the doctrine that "there is no such thing as truth" is a judgment of fact made by someone who is unaware of the realm of interiority, has no concept of a virtually unconditioned judgment, and has a terminal "intended" value of power and dominance over other.

Foundations are not a set of axioms but a dynamic orientation toward intellectual, moral, and religious conversion. Such things as a non-differentiated consciousness, a mistaken epistemology, or hatred of all things human play their part in whom an individual will trust and to whom that individual will give their allegiance.

  1. Sean McEvenue's three (foundational) questions
  2. Goodness
  3. Ronald Nash's world views (doctrine)
  4. The Subject
  5. Judgments of history + bureaucratic limitations

Next session: working the news.The objective our our next session is to use our assembled tool-kit to clarify our own foundational stance. To do this each person will be required to assemble a set of web sites, articles and videos that speak to them, i.e., that are either of current interest or will be useful sometime in the future. This is our preliminary data set.

Russell C. Baker

July 4, 2018